I was at Longridge for 8 years, leaving in 2011 after I finished the Sixth Form. I’m now living and working in Nottinghamshire as a junior doctor.

I was not the child that wanted to be a doctor since the day I could walk, and I didn’t have any doctors in the family to encourage or put me off! I actually headed into Sixth Form without a clue what I was going to do next. I chose my subjects due to their broad nature – Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

After a friend went on a course called ‘Vetlink’ for students interested in veterinary medicine, I decided to go on the equivalent ‘Medlink’ course based in Nottingham - mainly because it counted as the residential part of my Duke of Edinburgh award. However it gave me a great insight into a career in medicine and what to expect from the competitive application process.

I soon learnt that getting the required grades in the appropriate subjects was the minimum requirement for applying to medicine.

I believe it was the extra-curricular activities that Longridge provides that enabled me to get a place at Nottingham University. The small size of year groups at Longridge gave me a unique opportunity to get involved with multiple different aspects of school life; opportunities that perhaps I wouldn’t have had at a larger school. For me, this varied from sports teams (sport really isn’t my strong point but small year group meant most of us ended up in the team), various music ensembles, the Duke of Edinburgh award and opportunities to develop leadership skills via Sixth Form positions of responsibility. Fortunately I managed to organise some work experience at both a local GP practice and a hospital in London (via a friend of my parents).

I studied in Nottingham for 5 years – the course wasn’t easy but I enjoyed it and loved living in Nottingham. I stayed in Nottingham afterwards and I’m now finishing my second year of working as a “foundation doctor”. I’m taking some time out next year to consider different specialities before applying for the next stage of my career. This definitely takes time to decide upon as either path has plenty more exams to do! I do know that I’m interested in global health care and would like to work in a developing country at some point, with an interest in elderly medicine and palliative care.

If anyone has any questions or wants to know about what being a doctor is really like, feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll help wherever I can!

If current pupils would like to correspond with Georgia, please contact the Alumni Office at alumni@lts.org, and we will contact Georgie.



Georgina Otley

Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland
TD15 2XQ United Kingdom
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