On a Friday I wake up at 7am so that both my six-misroommate and I have time to shower and wake up for the busy day ahead of us. As Sixth Formers we have the privilege of having an en suite bathroom and this is my favourite part the room. We go down to breakfast at 8 o’clock where there is a broad choice of food to eat from fruit to french toast to cereal.


After breakfast we continue to prime ourselves for the day; then at 8:45 the bell rings to tell us its time for school to start and to get to registration.The first two lessons fly by as we get stuck into our chosen subjects, mine being the sciences and psychology- you guessed it, I’m a scientist.

At morning break time most of the boarders make their way back up to the boarding common room for juice and biscuits and if we are really lucky there is the wonderful tray bake or cake made by Margaret which always disappears quickly so its best to arrive in plenty of time. For those who don’t want any treats or refreshments they can stay in school and talk with friends or play or get jobs done.


After morning break all boarders, excluding the Sixth Formers, aren’t allowed back into boarding unless they need to speak urgently with a house parent. The rest of the day flies by until the final bell rings - end of the day.  Tea is at 5 o’clock when there is a choice of a hot meal, salad or a sandwich- freshly prepared ready for you when you get downstairs.

Quiet time is 6 till 7 where all boarders must be in their rooms doing work or studying, most Sixth Formers extend this time as we have a heavy work load. Then the time is yours. Time to relax and have some time to yourself, maybe play some sports, whatever- it’s your time.


There is often a film on that boarders go and watch down in the common room, if this doesn’t tickle your fancy then you may choose to play some pool in the games room or play a game on the playstation, or maybe even go for a walk.

Tonight we Sixth Form girls are planning our trip to Edinburgh for Sunday; we love Edinburgh as it is only 40 minutes away and a great place to shop till we drop.

Supper is at 7.30pm when there is yet more delicious food that may include a fresh fruit salad, hot chocolate, cereal, and maybe some crisps or popcorn for watching the film.


Every boarder comes down at supper time to indulge in the lovely food, and if they don’t feel hungry they come in for a chat.

Bed times are a half hour later than weekly bed times; you can also have a sleep over if you so wish. I usually get to bed for around 9.30-10 as I am usually shattered from my jam-packed day.

Kelsey - Upper 6th Form

A Day in the life of Kelsey

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