It has to be said that I’m not too keen on the early start on Sunday morning, however soon enough the smell of bacon soon persuades me to get me out of bed. Who can resist a full English breakfast? Sometimes if we are lucky, we even get a healthy continental. Nom!

As a full time boarder, Sundays are the highlight of my week. Gavin (the boarding house dad) always has something fun and exciting planned to let steam off from a week of hard work. Usually we get to go Ice skating, paint balling go karting as well as go to the cinema to see new movies; just to list a few. This year he really pulled the big guns out when he planned an exhilarating trip to Lightwater Valley! Gavin tries his best to plan events that cater for all the age groups in the boarding house, which I believe is the best part about boarding: we always do things as a family.

We come back to school after long day out just in time to tuck into a hearty Sunday dinner prepared for us by the cooks. Yum!

After that the rest of the day is pretty relaxed. Around 7:30pm we get our supper and maybe watch a bit of television. If we’re lucky, Kelly might even make us some delicious low fat banana and strawberry smoothes. Double Yum! At 8:30pm the boys go up to their floor and maybe have a game of pool against Gav. The girls sit round and catch up on all the gossip, but not till late as we know it will be an early start for school tomorrow.  

Michelle - Upper Sixth Form Boarder

A Sunday in the life of a Boarder

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