Sarah MAddock Web

Mrs S Maddock, B.Ed Hons

Head of Junior Department






Sandra Web

Mrs S Bullen, BA Hons, QTS,

Deputy Head of Junior Department



Mrs S Douglas, BA

Early Years Foundation Stage

Catherine Cairns

Mrs C Cairns, BA Hons

Year 1 Class Teacher


Mrs G Skeen, BSc Hons, QTS

Year 2 Class Taecher

Heather Heath

Mrs H Heath, BA Hons

Year 3 Class Teacher

Lindsey Monkman

Mrs L Monkman, BA Hons, QTS

Year 4 Class Teacher

Sarah Murray

Mrs S Murray, BA, PGCE

Year 4 Class Teacher


Rob Moscrop

Mr R Moscrop, BA, QTS

Year 5 Class Teacher


Ms Bryden

Ms D Bryden, B.Ed

Year 6 Class Teacher


Ruth Mole

Mrs R Mole, BSc, PGCE

Year 6 Form Tutor

Year 2 Support Teacher

Junior Class Teachers

Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland
TD15 2XQ United Kingdom
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