• Longridge Towers School will provide opportunities for individuals to fulfil their potential, explore new areas of experience and become effective lifelong learners; educating the whole person in a community in which the pupils feel happy, valued, safe and encouraged.


    • To deliver a broad, balanced, coherent and relevant curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils.
    • To create circumstances which allow children to express themselves academically, artistically, physically, creatively, emotionally, spiritually and socially.
    • To create a positive learning environment which values learning, mutual respect, individuality, consideration and personal responsibility.
    • To promote a sense of self worth, confidence and independence in all pupils.
    • To provide opportunities for pupils to achieve academically, broaden their experiences and extend their thinking.
    • To continually evaluate all teaching with the aim of ensuring that it is of a high standard focused on promoting excellent pupil learning.
    • To maintain a safe environment in the school which all parties can work and progress.
    • To promote equal opportunities for all, regardless of ability, gender, race, religion, sexuality or disability.
    • To foster effective working relationships with pupils, parents and other professional bodies, where communication is regular, co-operative and relevant, to the mutual benefit of all interested parties.

     Reviewed: 11/08/2017 JL

Mission Statement

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