As part of ‘World Sleep Day’ our Senior School assembly featured a talk by Mike Ross entitled ‘Sleep the night and seize the day’. It focused on the important role which sleep has to play in education and life. Mike drives the Duns School bus and in a former life was an armed protection officer in London. Mike’s experiences working shifts was the driving force behind his 1986 design of the ‘Dreamask’ sleeping mask. The Headmaster has long been an advocate for the place in which ‘a good night’s sleep’ should take in the world of education. The School is keen to help pupils consider ‘quality sleep’ and healthy sleep habits as a part of learning how to lead healthy lives.

A very limited pilot was launched before half term within the Sixth Form and feedback is positive. Pupils heard about the value of quality of sleep, not just time spent in bed and were asked to examine their sleeping environment. This morning Mike encouraged them to switch off anything with a screen an hour before they went to bed and to keep a sleep diary. Sleep has become a topic of national importance with the Telegraph doing an in depth report last Saturday and only last week BBC’s Panorama ran a programme on sleep deprivation among children. The phrase ‘sleeping in total darkness’ typed into Google produces millions of hits, by and large explaining the importance to health of the pineal gland working to full performance.

Mike encouraged pupils and parents to read some of the research published online as it makes for powerful reading and may answer some questions. This assembly is planned to be just the first step in encouraging the healthiest of sleeping habits throughout a student’s life and beyond. 

Sleep the night and seize the day

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