FEES PER TERM  (2017-2018):


Junior Department(Age 5 to 7: Forms J1 to J3)


Junior Department (Age 8 to 10: Forms J4 –J6)


Senior  (Age 11 to 18: Forms 1-5, Sixth Form)


These cover all tuition costs, including textbooks and stationery, but exclude entry fees for public examinations such as GCSE,ASand A levels. The full costs and benefits of registration for the ISCO Careers service are also included for those in Form 5. They also cover Personal Accident Insurance: Please click on the link to view the policy.

Initial Charges and Deposits

Registration Fee:                       £100  Payable on application

Acceptance Deposit                 £350 (Day)      £500 (Forces - Boarding)        Full Terms Fees (Other Boarding)

Payable when the pupil is offered a place.  It is repaid when the pupil leaves the school.

 Awards and Allowances

Sibling Allowances: Where a family has more than one child attending the School, there is a concession of 5% off the fees of the second child and 40% off the third.

Scholarships and Exhibitions are available, based on academic examinations, and for pupils who show outstanding ability in music or sport

Bursaries are available to assist with fees.  More details are available from the Bursar: sbankier@lts.org.uk

Day Fees

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