Awards are available for pupils who wish to join any year from J5 (NC year 5) to Form 4 (NC year 10) or the Lower Sixth. The purpose of the Academic Awards is to recognise a pupil's potential to be outstandingly successful in academic studies.  In addition Awards are offered in Sport and Music. Academic Awards and Sports Awards provide school fee reductions. The value of each Award is dependent upon the performance in the examinations. Music Scholarships provide instrumental or singing tuition within the school by a specialist teacher. 

Parents of pupils who are successful in achieving an Award, but whose circumstances are such that they may not be able to afford the balance of the annual fees, may subsequently also apply for a Bursary which is given on the basis of a statement of annual income. 

In addition to the Academic Awards, a Governors' Bursary Scheme is available for entry to the school.  The aim of this is to assist those families whose income is such that they would not be able to allow their child to benefit from the education offered by the school.  Bursaries are awarded on the basis of a statement of annual income and completion of the usual entry procedures which include an interview with the Headmaster and an Assessment in English, Mathematics and a Reasoning (I.Q) test. The maximum value of a Governors Bursary is 100% of the annual fee. Parents who wish to apply for a Governors Bursary should complete the school's registration form and request a Bursary form from the Bursar, Mr Stuart Bankier, who would be pleased to discuss or clarify, in confidence, any matter relating to the scheme.

Academic Scholarships for 2019 TBC

Sports Scholarships for 2019 TBC

The forms will be available for download below and send to: Mrs M Burns, Longridge Towers School, Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland, TD15 2XQ.





Scholarships and Bursaries

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