During Year 2, the final year of Key Stage 1, expectations are high as children take on more responsibility for their own learning. Whilst there is a slightly more formal approach to lessons, the emphasis is still on fun, practical and engaging activities that allow the children to learn in an exciting and interactive way. The children venture out on many school trips in order to gain first hand experiences and to enhance their learning.

Key skills across curriculum subjects are carefully interwoven into themes or topics giving a holistic approach to work and a meaningful approach for the children. Mental maths, phonics and handwriting are addressed daily and specialist teaching continues in music, French and P.E.

The topics this year will include themes such as Cold Places and The Great Fire of London. Within these areas the children will have numerous opportunities to take their learning outside of the classroom studying rivers, beaches, visiting zoos and The Centre for Life to name but a few.

Our main target in Year 2 is that all of the children are happy, inquisitive learners who love to work hard and are at home in the classroom. Our approach combines a secure, happy and supportive learning environment in which children are able not only to achieve high academic standards, but also to grow as well rounded, independent learners.

The Year 2 class is supported by Mrs Mole in core curriculum subjects.

‘Every lesson is good and you learn loads of new things.’

‘It’s fun being in Year 2 and I love learning about the Antarctic.’

Year 2 Mrs Skeen

Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland
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