In Year 3 the children begin to enjoy greater autonomy within the Junior Department. As is the case throughout the school, children benefit from a rich variety of experiences both within and outside school, ranging from visits to museums and art galleries to welcoming a variety of visiting speakers. Literacy is linked into exciting topics such as ‘Prehistoric Britain’ and ‘The Romans’ and our highly motivated learners begin to take on more independent tasks in class.

The transition to our Stobo building means that the children are becoming more independent and growing up fast. We realise that this can be a major step for our children and so Year 3 pupils have a carefully planned mix of activities with both older and younger pupils.

The children still spend the majority of their time with their Form Tutor who teaches the main academic subjects and is responsible for the form’s overall pastoral care. At the same time, the pupils’ confidence is enhanced as they begin to move around the school more for some of their lessons.

‘I love being in Year 3 because we now go to the Senior School for one of our Music lessons.’

‘I love being in Year 3 because it makes me feel really grown up and we have to do more things for ourselves.’

Year 3 Mrs Skeen & Mrs Cairns

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