In Year 4 learning through varied, creative and exciting experiences is the order of the day, with many of the topics having cross-curricular links. The core subjects of English (including spelling, punctuation and grammar), mathematics and science are taught throughout the year. History focuses on the invasion and subsequent settlement of England by the Saxons, and of Scotland by the Gaels, life under Viking rule and how the Second World War affected life in the local area. Geography includes coastal investigations and the human impact on different localities and the environment. Also included in our learning are art, religious studies and pesonal social and health education.

Whilst most of the curriculum continues to be taught by the form tutor, music, computing, design technology French and P.E. are taught by specialist teachers.

Providing opportunities for creative learning outside the classroom environment is a valuable experience, and whilst making use of our beautiful school grounds whenever possible, the children also venture out on several field trips and visits over the course of the year to link in with their studies.These visits include a residential visit to Boggle Hole in North Yorkshire, local beaches and York. The children also have opportunities to learn from visitors coming to the school to share their experiences.

'Mrs Monkman is cool. She makes all of the lessons fun and takes us on the most exciting school trips.'

'The best thing about Year 4 is science lessons and science club because you learn lots of new things in a practical way.'

'You get to go on epic school trips.'

Year 4 Mr Moscrop & Mrs Murray

Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland
TD15 2XQ United Kingdom
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