Year 5 continues to build upon the firm foundation set lower down the school.The children are given frequent opportunities to apply their skills and understanding, and to further develop their knowledge across the curriculum.

Learning continues outside the classroom with educational trips to museums and in our own school grounds. The children also visit Grinton Lodge, North Yorkshire for a eco-explorer residential experience. The teachers work tirelessly to ensure that throughout their time at the school, the children are provided with a broad, vibrant and challenging curriculum. Care of and respect for others are fostered. Praise and encouragement and fun and kindness are emphasised both in lessons and outside the classroom and whilst expectations are high, relationships between staff and children are relaxed and friendly.

The Year 5 pupils investigate a range of exciting topics with wierd and wonderful names, 'Transport', 'The Circle of Life', 'Marvellous Materials' and 'May The Force Be With You'. In science they learn about the Earth in space and investigate sound and discover more about water and gases.

'It's exciting, as lessons are made fun by all teachers.'

'I enjoy learning in different environments and everyone is really friendly.' 

Year 5 Mrs Mole

Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland
TD15 2XQ United Kingdom
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