We have high expectations for our pupils in Year 6; they are given extra responsibility and all have the role of a prefect. They enjoy having a bigger role in school services and assemblies as well as helping the younger children in the Junior Department.

Ms Bryden and Mrs Bullen are the Year 6 Form teachers however the children are taught by an increased number of subject teachers to help them to prepare for life in Senior School. They are encouraged to become more independent in both their actions and in their thinking.

Some of the topics studied in Year 6 include: Medicine through the ages; Nature at its Best and Worst and the Battle of Flodden. In all lessons the children are exposed to lively, challenging lessons which regularly extend beyond the classroom through trips and visits. Dialogue and pupil voice are encouraged through collaborative learning.

"I got a great welcome as a new pupil and I settled in so well."

"Ms Bryden makes boring things fun and we can always count on the teachers to make us laugh."

"I feel happy and confident in all of my classes."

Year 6 Ms Bryden

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