Each pupil in the Senior School belongs to one of three Houses – Home, Jerningham and Stobo. Within his/her House your son/daughter will have a Form Tutor, who has twice daily contact at registration time at the start of the day and again at the start of the afternoon. The Form Tutor will get to know your son/daughter well and should be the first point of contact for any matter regarding his/her individual welfare and pastoral care. Additionally, there are three Heads of Year: Mr Caddick, Forms 1 – 3; Dr Dalrymple, Forms 4 – 5; and Mr Glenn, Head of Sixth Form. As well as working closely with the Form Tutors to oversee your son’s/daughter’s well-being and personal development, they also have a role in monitoring academic progress and encouraging good discipline within their respective year groups.Mrs Hattle is our full time Matron, and she deals with any medical issues your son/daughter may have.In overall charge is Mrs Cheer, the Senior Teacher – Pastoral. She is also the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and the Designated Safeguarding Lead for the School.

Although we would encourage use of Form Tutors regarding any concerns you have, any member of the Pastoral Team is happy to be contacted. 

How easily will my child settle in?

Children settle in at Longridge remarkably quickly. Teachers ensure that new pupils are quickly involved. Our small class sizes and friendly atmosphere ensure that everyone feels at home without any undue awkwardness.

Who would my child turn to if he/she had a problem?

Every child has a Form Teacher who is usually the first point of contact when problems arise. There are also Heads of Year who oversee the general welfare of pupils and liaise with Form Teachers. Any member of staff would also be willing to help a child who has a concern, and this willingness extends to the Assistant, Head, the Deputy Head and the Head of the Junior Department and the Headmaster.

Pastoral Care

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