Within the Senior School, R.S. offers an opportunity to reflect on both the developing inner life of the students and the world around them. In order to do this, the syllabus covers a number of contemporary religions. Form 1 look at Sikhism and Hinduism as well as some aspects of Judaism; Form 2 investigate Buddhism; and Form 3 Islam, based on the Five Pillars today.
Christianity forms a large part of the school's ethos and is represented within the sections on ethics, as well as the crucifixion and resurrection forming a major investigation in Form 2, and Form 3 look at the position of Christianity within Britain today.
The big questions in life are approached from a number of viewpoints, both from within a faith standpoint and without, in Form 2. The pupils are encouraged to think for themselves and to realise that there are no definitive 'right' answers. Form 3 look at issues around money and power, identity and citizenship, where they compare the situation in the time of Jesus to that existing today.
Many of these topics and the questions they raise also feature in the assemblies, where tutor groups are encouraged to investigate and present their own researches in front of their peers. Topics for this year are covered by the title GREATS. These will look at events, people, places and sporting heroes who stand out from the rest. Other sessions are presented by members of staff or the Head of R.S. who is himself a Reader in a local parish.
At present, R.S. is not taught as an option at G.C.S.E. but many of the issues it has raised will feature in other subjects, as well as being a possible element within E.P.Q. in the Sixth Form.

Religious Studies

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