GCSE Sports Studies is designed for pupils who love sport and should not be seen as a soft option! The expected standard of performance in the practical is very high. It is essential that pupils are strong in FOUR sports. The academic content is also demanding and pupils choosing this course must have the appropriate motivation and skills.
This course acknowledges excellence in performance.  Most pupils should ideally be capable of achieving county representation in at least one sport.  Representing school teams is an essential requirement and forms an important part of the practical assessment. Pupils would be role models for their peer group and set excellent examples in and out of school. 

The Examination Moderator regularly praises the exceptionally high standards of pupils on his annual visit.  The Department has been invited to host Moderation Days on behalf of the AQA Examination Board as examples of outstanding practice.  This is a genuine compliment and should give confidence to pupils, knowing that they will receive the best tuition and guidance.

Senior Sport

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