Art at Longridge Towers encourages pupils to stretch their artistic boundaries and reach their potential. Pupils are encouraged to really 'see' what is in front them, out in the wider world and inspire them to have the confidence to delve into their imaginations.

Art within a school setting should be as much about developing skills in independent thinking, decision making, organisation and self-confidence as learning how to draw, paint and understanding new materials. Students at Longridge are encouraged to take responsibility for their own creations and be proud of their own achievements.

The department operates a programme of study that gradually increases a student’s awareness and ability of art, craft and the wider context of what art and design means in culture and society.

In Forms 1-3 (Years 7-9) students will spend time learning the basics of materials and use observational studies to improve and refine their ability to see and interpret the world around them. This is explored through drawing, painting and 3-dimensional work in a variety of materials.

GCSE students are to see their art as a two year process of change and development. Students are expected to refine their research skills and should have a good awareness of contemporary and historical artists. This is essential for informing their own work.

In the 6th Form the students spend the first year working towards their AS grade and the second year is spent creating new work to complete the qualification to a full A level.

There is a much increased expectation that students create and develop an individual approach to their own personal artistic practice. The actual subject matter of any piece of A level art work has practically no limitations provided it is considered, well executed, well developed and is the result of a substantial and well documented process of experimentation and research.

Senior Art

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