Geography is unique in its study of human and physical patterns and the interaction of people and their environment in shaping the landscape.

Through fieldwork and the teaching styles employed we foster the key skills of decision making, problem solving and working with others.

Underlying principles of the Geography Department:

To provide a curriculum that is challenging, interesting and relevant to current needs of society and which satisfies the requirements of the individual, the school, Examination Boards and National demands;

Ensure excellent standards of achievement across the whole ability range in geography;

Engender good attitudes towards work and foster a desire to appreciate the learning process;

To examine a wide range of contemporary issues affecting people and the world.


In Forms 1 – 3 Geography is taught in mixed ability form groups. It is realised that pupils are in a learning environment. Thus the teaching style varies in order to generate interest.

The aims at this level are:

To prepare a smooth transition into public examination years.

To instil a desire to learn Geography.

To develop an understanding that Geography is omnipresent and affects all other subject areas.

To realise the role that Geography plays in citizenship.

GCSE Geography

The Syllabus followed at GCSE is the AQA Syllabus, which provides a thematic people-environment approach.

In Form 4 all Geographers will have the opportunity to go on a residential field trip. In 2017, this will be to the Yorkshie Dales. This will provide the students with an opportunity to witness first hand many of the geographical features and processes they will have studied in the classroom. It is felt in Geography that it is better to learn than to be constantly taught. Data collected on this trip can also be used for their controlled assessment later in the course.

Latest photographs to Sorrento can be seen here

Latest photographs to Barcelona can be seen here

Senior Geography

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