“Things that are said are said, and cannot be unsaid. Things that are done are done and cannot be undone!”


 To foster an interest in History.

         To encourage the pupils to see the relevance of History to their everyday life

  To cultivate a sense of location, a knowledge of places and a respect for different     cultures.

         To encourage open, enquiring minds that are aware of contemporary issues.

         To place emphasis on the development of learning skills.

It is clearly the aim of the History Department to develop the academic potential of each pupil, successfully and enjoyably.  The word ‘enjoyably’ is important.  

Key Stage 3 - Forms 1-3 History

In Form 1 the classes study the Medieval Age from 1066 until1485. In Form 2 they continue with the Tudors and the Stuart Kings and in Form 3 they study the Industrial Revolution and International Relations between 1919 and 1945.

Key Stage 4 - Forms 4-5 History

Pupils are timetabled for four periods of History a week. The topics are taught consecutively. There is no longer a coursework element to this subject area. In paper 3 candidates are examined in controlled conditions in the classroom environment.  Home works are set every week, in the form of writing or reading.

The areas of study: 

Paper 1: International Relations: Conflict and Peace in the twentieth Century (37.5%)

Peacemaking 1918-1919 and the League of Nations

Hitler’s Foreign Policy and the Origins of the Second World War

The Origins of the Cold War 1945-1960

Paper 2: Twentieth Century Depth Study (37.5%)

Weimar Germany 1919-1929

Hitler’s Germany 1929-1939

Race Relations 1945-55

Paper 3 Historical Enquiry (25%)

British People During WW1 and WW2.

Senior History

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