Class music is taught in the Senior School by Miss Richards. The Music Room is well equipped with 12 Yamaha 200 keyboards, each with two pairs of headphones, a basic drum kit, acoustic and electric six string guitars, a bass guitar and a large variety of tuned and untuned percussion instruments. There are also currently six computer work stations with access to Sibelius 7.5 and Audacity software.These computers also have full internet and school intranet access.

Pupils receive a double lesson per week in Form 1 and a single lesson per week in both Forms 2 and 3. Class lessons are based on practical activities, with performance in Form 1 focusing on keyboards and in Form 2 on bass and six string guitars. Some basic drum kit patterns are also taught for ensemble work. Pupils compose and improvise their own music and make use of music technology. Everybody – yes, everybody! - is encouraged to sing.

Topics covered are diverse and include The Elements of Music, Ground Bass, Film Music, Rock Music and Chamber Music.

Many pupils also take part in the varied Enrichment Activities run by the Music Department and have an opportunity to showcase their talents in a number of formal and informal concerts which take place throughout the year. This year's activities include Senior Orchestra, Senior Choir (mixed voices), Senior Chamber Choir, Bassline (for men only, except Mrs Cheer, who is an honorary man), Theory Club, Guitar Group and, of course, the big production with drama, 'Grease'.

Music can be taken as an option at GCSE and the department follows the AQA syllabus. A large number of pupils also take individual music lessons. These are offered in voice, piano, keyboard, accordion, strings, woodwind, brass, guitar and drum kit and these take place in Meadow House.

Senior Music

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