The science department is the largest department in the school and prepares candidates for the three separate science subjects: physics, chemistry and biology at GCSE, and four subjects: physics, chemistry, biology and psychology at A level.

Science is taught as topics in Forms 1 and 2. In Form 3, at GCSE, and at A Level the sciences are taught separately by subject specialists. The department aims to give students the greatest possible choice of options at GCSE. Students can take three separate sciences or Science: Dual Award (the equivalent of two GCSEs).

The small class sizes which are a feature of the school are particularly beneficial in the teaching of science where much of the practical content of courses requires one-to-one interaction with the teacher. The science teachers try to use many different activities to make the lessons enjoyable. Students carry out their own experiments whenever possible, see demonstrations, take part in small group and class discussions, solve problems and work with computers.

The science department is well-resourced and is accommodated in a suite of four laboratories. A programme of refurbishment of the laboratories was started in July 2015.

Take a look at our science photographs:

Super Science at LTS

Senior Science

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