“Things that are said are said, and cannot be unsaid. Things that are done are done and cannot be undone.”!


   To foster an interest in History.

          To encourage the pupils to see the relevance of History to their everyday life.

          To cultivate a sense of location, a knowledge of places and a respect for different            cultures.

          To encourage open, enquiring minds that are aware of contemporary issues.

          To place emphasis on the development of learning skills.

It is clearly the aim of the History Department to develop the academic potential of each pupil, successfully and enjoyably. The word ‘enjoyably’ is important. 


Unit 1

German Unification

1848 – 90

Unit 2

British History


Unit 3



Unit 4

The Causes of WW1

Exam time – 1hr 20

Exam time – 1hr 20

Exam time – 2 hrs

Internally Assessed

25% of A Level

25% of A Level

30% of A Level

20% of A Level

A level history is studied over two years. It has a coursework component and three written papers. Each paper must be taken at the end of the second year. It evaluates historical evidence and also allows pupils to write essays in a critical way. It is a useful qualification to have for those going into law and other related professions.

Sixth Form History

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