Mathematics at AS and A2 level is a challenge to be relished. It is not like GCSE, but is taught in up to three very different disciplines.
Pure (or Core) Maths deals with the day to day algebra and number work, and soon expands into the fascinating world of calculus.
Mechanics is the Maths of how things move and balance. You look at things like the forces involved with cars towing caravans uphill, collisions between balls and the motion of projecting objects off tall buildings. This is the recommended option for anyone also thinking of doing Physics, as there is a lot of overlap between these subjects.
The third discipline is Statistics. This is an extension of GCSE initially but soon expands into other topics such as linear regression (the exact equation of the line of best fit) and the Normal Distribution. This is the ideal option for those who want to go on to management, finance or some Science courses.

Maths is an ideal choice for anyone who is thinking of studying Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology and Psychology as all of these subjects have some sort of Mathematical content.

An A-Level in Mathematics opens a great many doors. Most universities will expect a pass in Maths for entry to a Pure Science or Engineering course, but Maths is also helpful for courses like Geography, Psychology and anything to do with Finance, Banking or Economics. Most other courses which are not studied at A-Level (such as Law) look favourably on Maths too.

Sixth Form Mathematics

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