The vast majority of the Sixth Form Students at Longridge Towers School complete a UCAS application in their Upper Sixth year. At the beginning of the Upper Sixth parents and students are invited to a UCAS Information Evening which also details University funding arrangements.

Visits to local universities are also included on the school calendar alongside representation from further afield universities.  For those students wishing to apply for Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine, Veterinary Sciences or Dentistry there is tailored tutorial support.

Other students leave to join local colleges often to complete courses in areas such as Agriculture and Fine Art. These students are given the appropriate support through their application process. Equally those wishing to continue directly into work or an apprenticeship are advised and tutored accordingly.

A number of students each year choose to pursue a ‘gap' year often in a voluntary capacity. Help and advice is also available in this area, to help students make a well informed decision. Links can be established through the school’s careers network and visits from/to outside agencies can be arranged.

The School Community make a very valuable contribution to the Sixth Form with parents and school friends visiting the school to discuss informally with the students their professions and the pathways that they took to get to their employment.

University Application and other post 18 pathways

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