The philosophy behind the education of the Sixth Form students at LongridgeTowers School is to provide the breadth and depth of opportunity to enable the students to be both academically successful and well rounded individuals. As such students are invited to choose up to 5 AS Levels, normally 4 AS Levels. AS Level Critical Thinking is also offered for those that wish to take it. For those students achieving very good GCSE results there is the opportunity to complete the Extended Project Qualification. 

Usually students continue with 3 A Levels in their Upper Sixth. Sport, Careers, and UCAS lessons complete the weekly timetable. The AQA Baccalaureate is offered to those that meet the requirements.

The Sixth Formers agree directed study time in the Library or Sixth Form Study Area and whilst at school there are opportunities for community service which can include mentoring or coaching sport alongside members of staff. 

The Sixth Form Philosophy

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