Junior Wellbeing Day

Creative Activities

Dress to Express YourselfDownload
Emotions PoetryDownload
Evergreen MandalaDownload
Gratitude TreeDownload
Join Grayson Perry's Art ClubDownload
Junk Robot FriendDownload
Mud ArtDownload
What I Love - Shadow ArtDownload

Family Focus Activities

How to Play Charades with Children of All AgesDownload
Make a Family Time CapsuleDownload
Outdoor family activities for kids in winterDownload

Healthy Living and Wellbeing

Get GroundedDownload
Mindful Breathing with TeddyDownload
Mindfulness videos for junior aged childrenDownload
Plan Your Wellbeing for the Year AheadDownload
Self Care BoxDownload
Wednesday ReflectionsDownload
Mindfulness Colouring - AnimalsDownload
Mindfulness Colouring - Be KindDownload
Mindfulness Colouring - BreatheDownload
Mindfulness Colouring - ButterflyDownload
Mindfulness Colouring - Elephant 1Download
Mindfulness Colouring - Elephant 2Download
Mindfulness Colouring - FoxDownload
Mindfulness Colouring - IguanaDownload
Mindfulness Colouring - Lotus FlowerDownload
Mindfulness Colouring - MermaidsDownload
Mindfulness Colouring - OwlsDownload
Mindfulness Colouring - SailingDownload
Mindfulness Colouring - Star WarsDownload
Recipes - Frozen fruit sticks with passion fruit and lime drizzleDownload
Recipes - Fruitburst MuffinsDownload
Recipes - Healthy 3 Ingredient Date Nut BarsDownload
Recipes - Mrs Skeen's PizzaDownload
Recipes - Pepper and walnut hummus with veggie dippersDownload

Physical Activities

7 minute HIIT workout for younger childrenDownload
Do you love dancing?Download
French SkippingDownload
How to make your own obstacle courseDownload
Movement MonopolyDownload
Physical ActivitiesDownload
Skipping ActivitiesDownload