Academic results

We provide small year groups and small teaching sets

We consistently exceed 90 per cent pass rates for both GCSE and A Level examinations, and are placed among the top schools nationally in value added GCSE scores

A clear and thorough grade card system ensures pupil's progress is closely monitored and supported

The majority of Longridge pupils go on to full-time university education

Well-rounded, contemporary education

Exciting programmes in art, drama and music encourage participation

Our refurbished library provides a bright and comfortable environment in which to study, read or research

Our sport teams enjoy regular local and regional success, often against much larger schools

We provide a diverse and exciting calendar of extra curricular activities

Community Ethos

"Carpe Diem": "Seize the day" (make the most of your opportunities) is the School's motto, and everyone is encouraged to do so

We emphasize mutual respect, courtesy and consideration at all times; pupils are seen as members of a community to which they belong

Bullying, stealing and use of illegal substances is strictly forbidden; our policies about such issues are robust and clear

Why choose Longridge:

Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland
TD15 2XQ United Kingdom
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