EYFS Policies and Handbook


E1 EYFS Admissions Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage Handbook 2022

1F Privacy Notice and Data Protection

E2 EYFS Junior Enrichment Procedures

7A Safeguarding Policy

12B Fire Safety and Prevention Policy

E5 EYFS Medication Policy and Procedures

E6 EYFS and Junior Supervision Policy

E6 EYFS Supervision on Visits and Outings

E1 EYFS Use of Mobile Phones and Digital Photography Policy

E1 EYFS Confidentiality Policy

E1 EYFS Maintaining Children's Safety and Security in School

E4 EYFS Illness and Exclusion Policy

E4 EYFS First Aid Policy

E9 EYFS Uncollected Children Policy

E9 EYFS Missing Child Policy

E9 EYFS Equality of Opportunity and Inclusion Policy

E10 EYFS Supporting Children with SEN Policy

E11 Equality of opportunity: Achieving positive behaviour

E12 EYFS Arrival and Departure Policy

E13 EYFS Assessment Policy

E14 EYFS Food and Drink / Healthy Eating Policy

E15 EYFS Learning and Development Policy

E16 EYFS Parental Partnership Policy

E18 EYFS Transition and Settling in Policy