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School Policies


Privacy Notice C-19 Testing

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Policy (Sep 21)

COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan

Covid Risk Assessment - Testing in School

Covid Risk Assessment - Sport

Covid Risk Assessment - Boarding

Covid Risk Assessment - Visits

1C Ethos Statement

1E Acceptable Use of ICT Policy

1F Admission Policy and Entrance Procedures

1F Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

1F Suspension and Exclusion of Pupils Policy

1F School Pupil Handbook

1F Mobile Phones and Portable Communication Devices Policy

1F Taking Storing and Using Images Policy

1F Privacy Notice

1F Why Longridge?

2A Curriculum Policy

2D PSHE Policy 2021 - 2022

2H Send and Inclusion Policy

3A Remote Teaching and Learning Policy 2021

7A Safeguarding Policy (May 22)

7G Relationships and Sex Education Policy

9A Behaviour Policy

10A Anti-bullying Policy

11 Health and Safety Policy Statement

11A Risk Management Policy

12B Fire Safety and Prevention Policy

13A First Aid Policy

14A Supervision of Children

14B Missing Child Policy

14D Student Car Use Policy

15A Admissions

16A Risk Assessments Policy

17A Equal Opportunities

17B Accessibility Plan 2020 to 2023

18A Safer Recruitment Policy

33A Complaints Procedure

33A Persistant and Serial Complainers Policy