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Land Investment

We are pleased to confirm that the School has completed a purchase of almost 10 acres of land that will extend the School estate to the east and south. This investment is to allow an increase in the school athletics and team sports facilities over the coming years.

Buying this land was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Longridge, providing space for future expansion. It is excellent to be able to celebrate this acquisition in our 40th anniversary year.

In the short term, we will be working to update the fencing and hedging around the land. We will then be working to extend the School’s cross country running course before marking out a full size, 400m grass running track and beginning to use this area for other sports.

This addition provides a special addition to Longridge’s wide range of excellent learning facilities and extra-curricular activities that the staff team lead for pupils.

At a time when inflation and other uncertainties surround independent education, we hope that this is a clear signal of the School’s ambition for our ongoing, outstanding work within our school community.

If anyone is interested in supporting the transformation of the agricultural land to bring it into use, please do contact the School.