Mission Statement 2021

Mission Statement and Aims

Mission Statement

The School’s values, beliefs, mission and aims applies to the whole school and is published on the school website for pupils, parents, staff colleagues and for prospective pupils.  It is endorsed by the School’s Board of Governors.

Values and Beliefs

We hope that all pupils will make outstanding progress at Longridge Towers School.  The School’s ambitions are underpinned by certain values and beliefs:

  • We have high expectations of achievement and behaviour; of openness, honesty, trust and mutual respect. We believe that these attributes are essential for building successful and supportive relationships.
  • We encourage everyone to be enthusiastic in all they do, to work with endeavour, and to learn from mistakes. We believe that learning is enhanced through an active and positive involvement in the learning process, and an understanding of the importance of perseverance in achieving short and long-term goals.
  • We thrive on a wide portfolio of experiences that encourage individuals to develop a high degree of self-efficacy and to make well-informed choices. We believe that a supportive and informed partnership between school, families and community provides a strong influence on an individual’s development and learning.
  • We value all individuals and their contributions both in school and in the wider community. We believe that all extra-curricular involvement helps develop responsible and caring young people.
  • We look for constant improvement in all we do and use the School motto Carpe Diem to encourage a healthy sense of purpose. We believe that developing skills in self-management, communication and collaboration are essential to an individual’s success in a diverse society.
  • We seek out opportunities to continually improve the School facilities and environment for the benefit of future generations. We believe that individuals are responsible for their choices and actions to themselves, to society and to the environment.
  • We encourage people to develop these values in every aspect of their life. We believe that learning is a life-long activity.

Mission Statement

We will provide a holistic education where pupils are nurtured to become independent, confident, collaborative, innovative and life-long learners whilst fulfilling their potential; we will also purposefully engage individuals in a community where everyone feels happy, safe, valued and encouraged.


We aim to ensure that pupils:

  • Are happy and safe within a caring, collaborative and innovative learning environment
  • Make progress and achieve their full potential academically, socially, physically and personally; and have the skills, knowledge and understanding to express themselves creatively, artistically, emotionally and spiritually as mature adults
  • Foster effective relationships, open communication and engage in critical thinking; with each other, with their families, and with adults inside and outside of School
  • Value learning as a lifelong experience that will continue into the world of work and of leisure
  • Develop independence as well as a sense of citizenship with a direct responsibility to the community and to society as a whole.

Chairman of Governors

The Chairman of Governors is Mr A.E.R. Bell, who may be contacted directly at the School address: Longridge Towers School, Berwick upon Tweed TD15 2XQ. Telephone: 01289 307584


The Headmaster is Mr J.C.E. Lee, who may also be contacted directly at the School address: Longridge Towers School, Berwick upon Tweed TD15 2XQ. Telephone: 01289 307584 tor by email: [email protected]


Mission Statement and Aims