Mission Statement 2023

 School Mission Statement, Purpose, Values, Aims and Strategy

 The School’s mission, purpose, values, aims and strategy applies to the whole school and is published on the school website for pupils, parents, staff colleagues and for prospective pupils.  It is endorsed by the whole School Community, including the Board of Governors.

 Author: Headmaster

This review:  August 2023                                                  Next review date: August 2024

Mission Statement

We will provide a holistic education where pupils are nurtured to become independent, confident, collaborative, innovative and life-long learners whilst fulfilling their potential; we will also purposefully engage individuals in a community where everyone feels happy, safe, valued and encouraged.


Longridge is a School where everyone can excel. We provide a holistic education where our pupils can fulfil their potential, as confident, independent, and life-long learners.


We encourage our community to demonstrate specific values:

  • Work with Care and Passion – being kind to ourselves and to others, and caring about outcomes
  • Build Resilience – being able to take up opportunities when challenged, both in school and in life
  • Deliver Our Promises – doing what we say we will do to make a positive difference
  • Show Respect – for ourselves, for others and for our environment


We are committed to delivering the following aims:

  • Excellence in Education – improving pupil outcomes, to fulfil their potential
  • Excellence in Care – sustaining an excellent level of pastoral care for our pupils
  • Care for our People – developing our team of professionals
  • Grow and Develop our School – increasing pupil numbers and maintaining our sustainability
  • Invest our Time and Money wisely – improving our systems and environment

These aims articulate the School’s vision and focus to secure an outstanding future.

 Motto: Carpe Diem

The School’s motto is taken from a quotation from the Roman poet, Horace. It is generally taken to mean ‘make the most of the present time’ or ‘seize the day’. This expression forms part of the School logo along with a depiction of the entrance to the Main School building. The motto reflects a healthy sense of purpose in School as well as encouragement for all pupils and staff to work with care and passion each day.


Longridge has a tangible school ethos that is expressed through its pupils and staff in their interactions both within and outside their school community.

Longridge is characterised by its nurturing and caring environment as well as by its holistic approach to education. Individuals develop and gain confidence throughout their experiences at school. Underpinning this is an academic approach that is suitably challenging for pupils and innovative; a curriculum that is enriching as well as inclusive, together with a learning environment that is enjoyable.

This ethos permeates the School’s aims and mission.  It is supported by the School’s values and aims.

We have an active school community where everyone plays their part in ensuring that this ethos is an enduring one.


Our School Strategy can be summarised as:

  • Build on our excellent reputation for leading pastoral care;
  • Raise academic achievements for all pupils by providing tailored opportunities to learn and share experiences;
  • Grow a community of life-long learners by celebrating individual and collective successes.



Mission Statement and Aims