In the warm, inviting atmosphere of LongridgeTowers Senior School, pupils are encouraged to develop their individual skills and interests in personal, distinctive ways. With small class sizes, specialist teaching and excellent facilities, all pupils feel valued and nurtured, and able to develop at their own speed. We expect good academic progress by all, at whatever level is appropriate, with individual encouragement and support where needed. Furthermore, there is the opportunity for involvement in our hugely varied co-curricular programme, perhaps by means of Sport, Music or Drama, or some the many other enrichment activities on offer. Our Seniors currently are opting for karate, electronics, or Indian cookery.

All students are part of a tutor group and there is a strong pastoral structure aimed at ensuring that each individual feels safe and secure at all times.  Thus they thrive in their school environment. As they move through the school, we encourage students to become increasingly independent, so that by the time they leave the Sixth Form, they are remarkably well prepared for the next stage of their lives.

The best way to get a feel for Longridge is to pay a visit. Parents and prospective pupils are welcome at any time, to observe the school in action and experience the atmosphere for themselves.

Senior Welcome

Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland
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